A R T I C L E S & P A P E R S (selected, 1992 -- )

Note: Articles that are not available onlinein their published form (or that are, but not free of charge) are offered below in their final typescript form.

"Stretto and Style"(on Steven Holl's Stretto House in Dallas)Progressive Architecture, November 1, 1992.

"Architecture's Public" Progressive Architecture, April 1, 1993.

"Unreal Estates"ANY: Architecture New York, November 1993(ANY was published from 1993–2000, each issueunder different guest editorship. This issue was Mark C. Taylor and Michael Speaks').

"On Adding to the Salk" Progressive Architecture, October 1993. (Appeared as "Between Beakers and Beatitudes.")

"Complexity, Value, and the Psychological Postulates of Economics" Critical Review:A Journal of Politics and Society, Volume 10, Issue 4,1996 (551-594)Special Issue:Tibor Scitovsky's The Joyless Economy after Twenty Years. [Fig 1] [Figs 2 & 3] [Figs 4 & 5][Figs 6 & 7] [Figs 8, 9, & 10] In this issue: Amartya Sen, Juliet Schor, Ronald Inglehart, Albert O. Hirschman, and Tibor Scitovsky. [reviewed in TLS and WQ] dhttp://www.criticalreview.com/vol10no4toc.html

"Gresham in the Classroom" CITE Magazine, Fall 1996 (36). [typescript]

"No place like e-topia"(book review of e-topia by William J Mitchell), Architecture (Journal of the AIA), December 1999 (45-47).

"Less for Less Yet: On Architecture's Value(s) in the Marketplace"Harvard Design Magazine, Winter/Spring 1999, Number 7.

"Class Notes" Harvard Design Magazine, Summer 2000, Number 11.

"Environmental Stoicism and Place Machismo: A Polemic" Harvard Design Magazine, Winter/Spring 2002, Number 16.

"Reality and Authenticity in the Experience Economy" Architectural Record, 2001, Volume 189, Number 11 (84).

"A Construction Industry Perspective on the Value of Architecture?"arcCA (Architecture California: Journal of Architects California Council, 2002, Vol. 1 (39)

"Against the Rugged Landscape of Marfa, Texas, architect Carlos Jimenez gives his sprawling Crowley House a plainspoken beauty" Architectural Record Building Type Study 832: Record Houses, 2004, Volume 192, Number 4 (146)

"Towards a General Theory of Value"Interview with Gong Szeto in AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), March 2003

"Coming to Our Senses: Architecture and the Non-visual" Harvard Design Magazine, Spring/Summer 2007, Number 26. A review of five books of architectural phenomenology.

"Cityspace, Cyberspace, and the Spatiology of Information" Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (http://jvwresearch.org/), Volume 1, 1, July 2008.

"On the Role of Architectural Criticism Today"JAE: Journal of Architectural Education, 2009, Vol. 62 (6-7)

"Another Word on 'God and the 21st Century'" Tikkun, Volume 26:2, 14, March 5 2011. [text onlypdf] This article was a response to Tikkunof March/April 2010, a whole issue themed "God and the 21st Century," and in particular to an article therein by Rabbi Arthur Green "Sacred Evolution" (http://www.tikkun.org/article.php/mar10_toc)

"Better is Better Than More: Complexity, Economic Progress, and Qualitative Growth" University of Texas at AustinCenter for Sustainable Development Working Paper Series 2011-01, 2011. With Michael Oden.

"Love and Beauty" 2A Magazine: Art and Architecture, Issue 17, 2011.

"Better is Better Than More: Investigations Into Qualitative Growth" with Michael Oden, in World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences, 2012, Sustainability–Missing Points in the Development Dialog, n.2, 24th September to 21st October 2012.

"Architecture, Divinity, and the Interhuman" (fifth draft) in progress, 2013.

"On Quality Economic Growth" (draft) for Aeon Magazine, December 2018

Before 1992…. (selection)

"To take hold of space: isovists and isovist fields" Environment and Planning B, 1979, Volume 6 (47–65). This article turned out to be seminal to the computational analysis of space. Googling "isovist" should return around 25,000 results. Also "space syntax." Another copy of this paper is parked athttp://cvcl.mit.edu/SUNSeminar/Benedikt-Isovist-1979.pdf

"On Mapping the World in a Mirror"Environment and Planning B, 1980, Volume 7 (367-378).

"Computational Models of Space: Isovists and Isovist Fields" Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 1979, Volume 11 (49-72). With Larry S. Davis.

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